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Selling Fees


Referral Fees

Sellers pay a small commission on each item sold.
Microless deducts the applicable commission
percentage calculated on the total sales price. The
commissions for each category are outlined in the
categories page.


Shipping Fees

Microless offers an easy and effective way to deliver the products to customers. Our delivery team will collect the items from you and will deliver to the customer. All deliveries are fast, and will not let the customers wait for too long. The deliveries can be easily tracked, and the delivery times are predictable.

Seller Fees

Categories & referral fee percentages

  • Computers & Laptops:8%
  • Computer Hardware:10%
  • Computer & Electronic Accessories:15%
  • Video Game Consoles:8%
  • Software & Games:10%
  • Mobiles & Tablets:7%
  • Cameras & Drones:8%
  • Gift Cards:8%
  • Health & Beauty:10%
  • Fragrances:14%
  • Automotive:10%
  • Home & Kitchen:12%
  • Toys:12%
  • Furniture:12%
  • Major Appliances:10%
  • Stationery & Office Supplies:10%
  • Music Instruments:10%
  • Office Products:10%
  • Printers & Scanners:8%
  • Small Appliances:10%
  • Consumer Electronics:8%
  • Tools & Home Improvement:12%
  • Pet Supplies:10%
  • Watches:15%
  • Books:10%
  • Luggage:15%
  • Sports and Outdoors:10%
  • Other Categories:14%

Used & Refurbished Items

There is an extra 5% commission charged on used & refurbished items.

Delivery Fee

Sellers pay a small delivery fee (AED 10) per item.

Closing Fee

Sellers pay 4 % closing fee per item sold below AED 100.