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Adidas Power Tube - L1

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Описание для Adidas Power Tube - L1

Product Description adidas Power Tubes have a fabric outer sleeve for added safety when working out. The available resistances of levels 1, 2 and 3 (sold separately) make this a versatile training product as you can choose the appropriate resistance to suit the muscles being targeted. The outer sleeve means resistance remains constant even when the band makes contact with you. For many years, resistance (strength) training was considered to be all about weights, but the advent of core and functional training led to a requirement for new ways of targeting specific muscles. The Power Tubes enable you to perform quick, effective toning and strength exercises every day with minimum delayed muscle fatigue. Now even the fittest athlete can benefit from the dynamic and versatile moves that can be performed using the adidas Power Tubes. Targeted Group: Unisex Set Contains: Power Tube L1

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Спецификации для Adidas Power Tube - L1

Артикул Microless
  • 163380
Дата первой доступности
  • 23 февраля, 2024
Вес с упаковкой
  • 0.43 кг
Транспортировочные размеры
  • 27.00 см x 10.60 см x 24.00 см

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