Top 5 Gaming Headsets End Of 2021 Per Category
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Top 5 Gaming Headsets End Of 2021 Per Category

Top 5 Gaming Headsets End Of 2021 Per Category

The recent changes to the world have shifted many people from using regular headphones to more convenient headsets, especially when it comes to gamers. Now having a proper microphone plays a much bigger role in our day-to-day user experience. A good headset gives you an advantage in action games and shooters, where a fraction of a second can play a role in the outcome. Many look for an alternative to their headphones to communicate with their peers while working without the trouble of long use discomfort.

With this list, we made it simple. Which headset is the right option for you and your needs? We are going to set everything clear.

Starting with our number one and ultimately the best value for your bank.


Razer BlackShark V2 X (Best budget wired headset)

BlackShark V2 X

This headset from Razer showed that a good sound quality, combined with a very decent sounding microphone in addition with quality padding for long use comfort does not have to make a hole in your wallet. Razer’s seamless staple black and green color scheme does not scream “gamer” which many people are after. However, if you are going after the catchy look, they offer a green version as well. A couple more benefits include 7.1 Surround Sound support and Cross-platform capability (PlayStation 4 and 5, Xbox, PC, Mac, Nintendo Switch, and mobile devices). Many referred to this product as the “Best value headset” and they are not wrong. Razer provided us with what budget gamers are after. Here is a short summary of the key points:

  • Sound

When it comes to the sound quality Razer’s TriForce 50mm Drivers will not let you down. They provide a solid amount of bass as well as rich high and mid frequencies. Their new patented TriForce technology gives the ability to tune each driver, allowing individual replications of high, mid, and low frequencies.

  • Hyperclear Cardioid Microphone

It offers greater speech pickup and noise cancellation, the bendable mic on this headset has an optimized microphone housing resulting in improved clarity for a closer recreation of your voice. On the other hand, though, with this version of Razer BlackShark V2, the microphone is non-detachable (unless you go for the more expensive option). This is a bummer if you are planning to use the headset outside of your room as it can get in the way. Speaking from personal experience, it is also in a way while you are eating, unless you bend it all the way up or down.

  • Lightweight comfort

At just 240g, you’ll barely remember you have it on during gaming marathons. The headset is very comfortable thanks to a thick heading padding and memory foam ear cushions wrapped in a combination of breathable fabric and plush leatherette, which also contributes to great passive noise cancellation. Nice additions to the headset are a big volume control which is located on the left earcup with a tactile response when reaching 50% volume and a mute microphone button.


A few downsides to this headset include:

  • Non-detachable microphone (unless you go with the Razer BlackShark V2, without the X, option which is a bit more expensive)
  • Extensively changing the size of the headset (moving the earcups) may make them looser over time


Other than that, the headset is great. Coming at only 210 AED at Microless at the time of writing this blog, this is more than an excellent option.


HyperX Cloud II Wireless (Best Overall Wireless Headset)

HyperX Cloud II Wireless

Now we are off to our top wireless headset. The HyperX Cloud series 2 Wireless

would deem them to be the perfect option for those who are seeking the true wireless format. Alongside the premium quality and comfort of the headset itself, combined with arguably the best sound in the category of wireless headsets under $200, this has all the potential to be the best for the majority of users. Console or PC? It does not matter as you can just plug in a USB dongle, and you are ready to go. The detachable microphone plays a big role here, as the headset can now be used for not just gaming purposes. The main points for the headset are as follows:

  • Comfort

HyperX Cloud II Series has a really good combination of the right amount of clamping force and weight (only 309 grams), making them very comfortable for long periods of use, and the deep enough leather foam ear cushions with interior padding, so your ears don’t touch the sound drivers. A nice balance between the headband and size extensions. The headset can rest on your neck without choking you but does not fold. And for last, let’s appreciate the USB-C charging.

  • Sound

Cloud II Series has the best and most neutral sound among the similar headsets at the same price category. Bringing up the volume does not cause the sound to become mushy or overpowering. The highs are smooth, the bass is pleasant and surprisingly deep. The surround mode is done pretty well, which is a great addition since many headsets lack the layers when in surround sound mode. The passive noise cancellation will keep you engaged in your game or while listening to your favourite songs.

  • Microphone

The microphone in this particular headset is decent enough to communicate in-game without any troubles, However, without some tweaking, it may seem like you are a bit too far away from the microphone, while in reality, it may be very close to you. The red mute LED will notify you when the microphone is off, taking away the awkwardness of talking in conferences while muted.


A few downsides to this headset include:

  • No 3.5 mm audio jack


And that’s it! With up to 30 hours of battery life, it should give you more than enough time to snap them back on charge before your next session. Currently sitting at 550 AED at Microless, this is a very reliable choice for those of you who are looking for a wireless headset that will last them a number of years, thanks to HyperX’s signature and well-known durability.


Astro A50 (Best Premium Headset)

Astro A50

If money is not a problem and you are looking for the best the market can offer, Astro A50 is a headset you should consider. It supports Dolby Audio sound technology that speaks for itself. They sound great! The bass, the mids, the highs, everything is in tune and delivers an outstanding performance. The build quality is extraordinary, with absolutely no rattle when shaking the headset, flexible headband, and rotating earcups. The headset does give you a premium feel when using them or even holding them in your hands. A very convenient charging doc that the headset ships with makes it easy to not forget to charge the headset after use. The doc itself also acts as a stand, which is a very nice addition, as many people purchase the stand for their headsets separately. 15-hour long battery life will satisfy those who like to game away. A quick summary of the main points for this beast:

  • Comfort

Astro A50 went a step further with their design to add additional functionality to their product, such as interchangeable ear cushions that will suit your liking. The cushions are attached to the headset by 3 magnets which means swapping them out is very seamless. Whether you like the feel of synthetic leather with added passive noise cancellation or breathable fabric texture, with Astro A50 you have the ability to decide. Nevertheless, the modification kit comes at an additional cost. It is very thoroughly constructed, providing just the right amount of pressure on your head which after a little while makes you forget you have them on. The range of buttons on the left earcup gives you the ability to change between the surround sound spacial audio mode, your EQ presets, and adjusting the volume by scrolling an infinity wheel. A great addition is the ability to change the balance between the in-game and chat volume by having two buttons inserted into the outer side of the right earcup itself.

  • Sound

This particular headset was made for gaming. it sounds amazing. Astro’s engineers did an outstanding job in how the sounds are layered in this headset. Perfectly tuned 40mm Neodymium drivers will satisfy the vast majority of the users, however, if you feel like something is missing, Astro Command Centre software gives you the opportunity to adjust the sound to your personal liking.

  • Microphone

When it comes to how the headset performs in microphone tests, the results are, as expected for a premium you are paying, very good. The nice addition of auto-muting the microphone, when moved up and out of the way, makes the experience very seamless, unlike some headsets where the microphone keeps nagging you without the option of moving it out of the way completely.

  • Charging doc station

For some, this will be the selling point for this product, as not that many modern headsets provide this feature. The doc itself shows how charged the headset is. To make the headset go into charging mode, you must first not forget to switch the headset off, otherwise, it will just stand on the charging doc without charging.


A few downsides to this headset include:

  • Micro-USB connection, a USB-C would be expected for such a premium price
  • No 3.5mm audio jack connection


If you are looking for the best of the best, this is the right option for you. In terms of the sound quality, in 2021 this is the best gaming headset one can find and we stand by that. Coming at 900 AED at Microless, it is definitely not cheap, but Astro for sure found its new fan base, all thanks to this product.


SteelSeries Arctis 9X (Best Xbox headset)

SteelSeries Arctis 9X (Best Xbox Headset)


Coming down to our top Xbox headset - Steelseries Arctis 9X. This is by far the most Xbox compatible headset. Knowing how tricky it can be to get the headset to work perfectly with the Microsoft software, Steelseries did an excellent job. This is a truly Xbox-certified headset. Starting with being able to turn the console on when turning on your headset, a seamless connection that only takes 5 seconds or less (no dongle required), and down to being able to connect and stream from up to 2 devices at the same time! The second connection could be your phone, so you don’t miss an important call or text while in-game, or even have your discord open on your phone and talk to your friends while still hearing everything that’s going on in your game on Xbox, it is a really cool feature for sure. A great addition to the user experience is a little volume wheel for finding the right balance between in-game audio and voice chat. If you want, you can also connect them via a 3.5mm headphones jack, which is always nice to have. Now let’s dive into the main points and features of this listing:

  • Comfort

Comfort-wise, they are remarkably good. Not only this shows in great ear cushions but also in SteelSeries’s signature head strap that brings this headset to another level in terms of long periods of use. The right earcup also has some controls such as an up and down volume scroll wheel and a mute button, alongside the regular Bluetooth and power buttons. The microphone glows red when muted, which is a nice addition.

  • Sound

By looking at the price point these are in, you would expect them to sound good and they sure do! The sound is crisp, not overpowering with bass, and has some pretty clear mid and high frequencies which make these also suitable for watching movies or casually listening to music. The headset has 4 EQs preinstalled on the device which you can switch through but if you prefer to toggle them, you can do so through PC software.

  • Microphone

A microphone is a very important aspect of the console world. Steelseries understand it and this is why the microphone in this headset is basically all you could ask for. It could be hidden away into the headset which is nice when you don’t need it. A side note is that it works much better through the console (via Xbox wireless mode) than if you would use it on your phone (via Bluetooth). The voice is clear and loud but yet again not overpowering or muffled when the mic is close to your mouth.


All-in-all this headset is packed with functions and is made for Xbox users, providing not only new features but also great sound and comfort. If this sounds good to you, buy them now at Microless!


Razer Kaira X (Overall Best PlayStation Headset)

Razer Kaira X (Overall Best Playstation Headset)

If you are looking for a PlayStation headset that does not break the budget - you have come the right way. Razer Kaira X headset provides everything you need for some quality console gaming. With this headset, we get plushy yet durable and breathable ear cushions that have increased in size, thanks to Razer listening to customer feedback. They are very soft on your ears, and we can’t stress this enough, they are really comfortable! And they are removable too, in case you want to swap them out. Sitting right at 283 grams, they do feel really light on your head, which is a great bonus when using them for long periods of time. A 3.5mm jack also means a cross-platform capability, whether you want to use them with Xbox, PC, or Nintendo Switch. Now, let’s talk about some of the key points:

  • Comfort

As we have already mentioned, the headset is very comfortable. They sit tight but not too tight, allowing some generous head movement without them falling off. The padding at the top of the Kaira X’s is also very plushy and breathable. They can be folded on your neck which is great since the earcups are pretty big.

  • Sound

Razer Kaira X is packing some serious TriForce 50mm drivers (same as in Kaira Pro or BlackShark V2 Pro) which provide great mid and low frequencies to hear all those footsteps, however, if you are after a strong bass kick - you won’t find it here. You have some bass but it’s more of a hidden bass, not rumbling bass.

  • Microphone

The microphone sounds crisp, without any disturbing sounds. For a budget headset, this is an awesome-sounding microphone that can easily compete with much more expensive options!


For a fairly affordable headset coming at only 280 AED, this is a great option to boost your console experience. You can purchase them at Microless with Express shipping today!

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