Get Into The Spirit Of The Season - From Our Store To Your Home. LONG HOLIDAY SALE!
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Get Into The Spirit Of The Season - From Our Store To Your Home. LONG HOLIDAY SALE!

Get Into The Spirit Of The Season - From Our Store To Your Home. LONG HOLIDAY SALE!






Christmas and New year is coming to Microless! Be a thrill-seeking treasure hunter in seeking in our biggest HOLIDAY SALE! Shop items and send GIFTS for your family and friends, colleagues, loved and special ones. This is the best time for you to check the hottest deals we offer just for you - for this SPECIAL HOLIDAY :)







May the holidays bring your joy and may the Spirit of the Holidays be with you throughout the New Year.

Greetings from Microless!



Be golly, be jolly! With these most acquired items below, which are all discounted for the rest of the holiday!




Samsung 500GB 970 EVO NVMe M.2 Internal SSD

599.00 AED

Inclusive of VAT

36% OFF Was 940.00 AED

The Samsung 970 Evo is the more intriguing SSD of the firm’s two latest releases. While the flagship 970 Pro tends to grab the headlines, Samsung’s Evo drives are the more affordable products, and the models that most folk tend to buy.




ViewSonic XG2530 eSports Gaming Monitor 25-Inc

1,680.00 AED

Inclusive of VAT

12% OFF Was 1,913.00 AED

If you’re on the hunt for an insanely large screen then this is the best overall gaming monitor we’ve tested. If money and space are an issue you should check out this








Corsair Vengeance RGB PRO 16GB

777.00 AED

Inclusive of VAT

12% OFF Was 882.00 AED

DDR4 memory sticks consume less power than their DDR3 equivalents, but their latency is also a little higher. In theory, this means response times will be slower, but DDR4’s increased speeds eliminate that bottleneck.





Microsoft Surface Book 2

9,660.00 AED

Inclusive of VAT

30% OFF Was 13,867.00 AED

It aims to offer the pinnacle of Windows tablet-laptop hybrid design, featuring a nifty docking mechanism that adds a dedicated Nvidia GPU to the mix, alongside support for the Surface Dial originally seen on the Surface Studio.



ASUS VG278Q 27” Full HD

1,233.00 AED

Inclusive of VAT

29% OFF Was 1,727.00 AED

ASUS VG278Q has extensive connectivity options, including dual-link DVI-D, DisplayPort 1.2, and HDMI(v1.4) port, so you can hook it up to a wide array of multimedia devices. It has a super-narrow 1cm bezel ideal for an immersive and panoramic gaming setup. A smart cable management design feature found on the stand of VG278Q helps you organize and hide cables to keep your gaming area tidy.





ASUS RT-AC5300 Tri-Band 4x4 AC5300 Wireless

1,323.00 AED

Inclusive of VAT

13% OFF Was 1,521.00 AED

The RT-AC5300 is Asus’ flagship router. For that you get the absolute latest in Wi-Fi technology, with NitroQAM for incredibly fast single-user throughput, alongside MU-MIMO technology and two 5GHz bands for fast multi-user performance. There’s also the option of link aggregation using the Ethernet ports, allowing for up to 2Gbps throughput.



Corsair KATAR Gaming Mouse

205.00 AED

Inclusive of VAT

20% OFF Was 257.00 AED

The Corsair Katar is a mid-priced gaming mouse aimed at the basics of the FPS and MOBA market that does what it says on the box and nothing more. It suits its purpose well with a pleasant form, great build quality, and great sensor.






683.00 AED

Inclusive of VAT

19% OFF Was 840.00 AED

A real gaming enthusiast configuration needs not only a powerful processor, a couple of the most powerful graphics cards and fast memories, but also something bigger and more stable that can “feed” the beast in metal skin. Here is where the huge 1000+ W power supplies come in handy. One of the most powerful such products on the market is by Raidmax.




Corsair Carbide Series

284.00 AED

Inclusive of VAT

28% OFF Was 394.00 AEDAs a result of all those extras, the styling is nice enough, but lacks any real finesse. The paint job is the usual tough black rather than the nicer matte finish of the NZXT, while the front is plastic rather than metal. Also, the eminently useful hinged side panel looks a little clunky with that handle, and up top it’s just one big fan filter.















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